How well do you receive feedback? 

For most of us it is far easier to give feedback than it is to receive it. Our nervous systems are wired in such a way that even the most mild criticism can instantly place us into a defensive mode, interrupting our connection with each other and hampering our ability to respond to challenge with grace and skill. But if we learn to be more curious about our impact on others and remain grounded and present while receiving feedback, the opportunities for increased clarity, understanding, and collaboration become far more possible. Watch as Diane explores how we can get better at receiving critical feedback, helping you to:

  • Stop blaming yourself for being defensive.
  • Understand the different contexts in which feedback is being offered.
  • Get a sense of how available you are to receiving feedback in a given moment.
  • Learn how to differentiate “I’m listening” from “I agree.”
  • Reframe the feedback in a way that increases empathy while decreasing aggression or resentment.
  • Knowing when the feedback is worth acting upon, and when it isn’t.

About Diane's Self-paced Online Training

In This Together
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The teaching conversation above gives you a taste of what Diane covers in her 9 part online training. Each module of the training explores an essential skill set that leads to more masterful communication and relating. 
The training includes 9 weekly video sessions with Diane Musho Hamilton. Every teaching module includes video and audio teaching, instructions for practice, Q&A about actual communications challenges, and a course synopsis with bonus resources. 

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