Understanding Communication as a Source of Growth

We often think of skillful communication is a product of higher growth and maturity, something that naturally comes online as our other capacities begin to ripen. But did you know that communication wisdom is itself a source of growth and development, both for yourself and for your team? It’s a fairly simple equation: the more developed you are, the more perspectives you can take. And the more practiced you are at taking new and different perspectives, the more you accelerate your own growth and development. Watch as Diane explains how communication fuels our growth and development, helping you to:
  • Tailor your communication to meet the wide spectrum of skills, capacities, and views that people possess.
  • Increase the number of perspectives you can take at any given moment.
  • Accelerate your own growth and inspire more people along the way.
  • Use wise and skillful communication as an enduring source of pleasure, happiness, and well-being.
  • Adapt your communication strategies to engage different environments, cultural norms, and shared expectations.

About Diane's Self-paced Online Training

In This Together
Communication Wisdom for the World of Work

The teaching conversation above gives you a taste of what Diane covers in her upcoming 9 part online training. Each module of the training explores an essential skill set that leads to more masterful communication and relating. 
The training includes 9 weekly video sessions with Diane Musho Hamilton. Every teaching module includes video and audio teaching, instructions for practice, Q&A about actual communications challenges, and a course synopsis with bonus resources. 

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