Masterful Coaching is Developmental Coaching.

To become a masterful coach, we need to practice and hone ourselves in the company of masters. And to become a developmental coach, we need to become fluent in the language and art of adult development. Not merely in theory, or model, or method. But in the infinite dance of creative and adaptive capacity that is our uniquely human birthright.


The 10-week Developmental Coaching Mastermind
with Rob McNamara

We're very pleased to host this rare opportunity for advanced professional coach training with Rob McNamara. This intimate program offers 15 professional coaches the invaluable opportunity so many of us yearn for—a rigorous, practice-driven setting in which to hone our knowledge, and be challenged to step off the edge of what we think we know into the realm of mastery, immediacy, and true coaching brilliance.

This 10-week mastermind is for professional coaches who wish to advance well beyond an everyday level of understanding about adult development, and to skillfully apply a rigorous and nuanced understanding of developmental wisdom in their coaching.

The Developmental Coaching Mastermind experience is an intimate, applied online course of study and practice. Weekly video session with Rob McNamara, along with coaching practice, personal feedback, teaching, and demonstration will grow you and transform the way you coach.

Plus—This program is currently under review by ICF for a minimum of 16 Continuing Coach Education Credits. These credits will apply towards continuing coach education requirements for certified ICF coaches. 

Here's what the Developmental Coaching Mastermind offers:

  • 10 weeks of advanced developmental training—begins on October 5th
  • Intimate learning; registration is capped at 15 coaches
  • Weekly 90-min video sessions on Thursdays @ 9 am MST
  • One retreat week for meditative practice 
  • Your copy of Rob's audio coaching program, Commanding Influence
  • Live peer coaching with feedback and weekly discussion forums
  • Personal Coaching and developmental feedback from Rob 

Rob McNamara is a leading expert on adult development and human performance, a developmental coach and consultant, and a faculty member with Ten Directions. Rob’s expertise includes the intersection of integral practice, adult development, human performance and integral strength training.

Through his private practice in Boulder, CO, he works with a broad range of clients including executives, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and athletes ranging from high school to Olympic and professional world champions. Rob received his Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Susquehanna University. His books include The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken.

Insight for You

  • Learn how to work with the primary drivers of development

  • Recognize the 5 patterns of meaning making

  • Learn how stability and variability support development

  • Understand how confidence displays developmental capacity

  • Learn how to leverage influence and freedom

Practices for Your Clients

  • Practices for leveraging the drivers of development

  • Expanding behaviors, skills and understanding

  • Deepening stability and expanding variability

  • Supporting boundaries and strengthening confidence

  • Cultivating influence, insight, and responsiveness

Praise from Coaches in Rob's previous Mastermind Course

  • Rob McNamara is a master who has integrated a tremendous amount of knowledge and makes it applicable for the experienced coach. This work is essential for the complexities most business leaders face today!
    Amy Pasquale
  • Great balance of theory, practice and experimentation. As a result of this course I have a felt sense of how developmental distinctions contribute to the coaching relationship. I have several heuristics to put into practice in my own growth and development process as well as in work contexts. And Rob’s coaching gave me a developmental reframe for an ongoing personal challenge.
    Lisa Norton

Transform Your Coaching.
Let Your Coaching Transform You. 

Be one of the 15 professional coaches in this advanced
developmental coaching mastermind.
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3-Month Developmental Coaching Mastermind Course