How do you handle challenging, conflict conversations?  

You are inevitably going face some form of tension or friction, whether at work, at home, or out in the world. How you choose to respond is one of the most critical indicators of your skill as a communicator. The greater your ability to respond, the more you are able to maintain connection in the midst of conflict, to find the right balance between care and challenge, and to use the friction between us as a generative source of traction for our mutual growth and understanding. Watch as Diane describes how to better navigate difficult or challenging conversations, allowing you to:
  • Know when conflict should be avoided, and when it should be faced directly.
  • Anticipate the physical and emotional discomfort that accompanies conflict.
  • Use curiosity and vulnerability to initiate challenging conversations.
  • Manage anger while in the midst of conflict.
  • Stay connected even while our perspectives are misaligned.
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries while in conflict.
  • Adapt your responses when in conflict with workplace superiors and authorities.
  • Let go of conflict when differences cannot be easily resolved.

About Diane's Self-paced Online Training

In This Together
Communication Wisdom for the World of Work

The teaching conversation above gives you a taste of what Diane covers in her 9 part online training. Each module of the training explores an essential skill set that leads to more masterful communication and relating. 
The training includes 9 video sessions with Diane Musho Hamilton. Every teaching module includes video and audio teaching, instructions for practice, Q&A about actual communications challenges, and a course synopsis with bonus resources. 

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